Why Choose Us?

There are plenty of courses available for BAT or Collector qualification, but we deliver more!

When you attend one of our training courses, you get so much more than a simple qualification in one area. We provide nationally recognized qualification for DOT and non-DOT (forensic) BAT and drug testing in a single weekend long course, and in addition we cover hair and saliva collection, rapid drug testing, and DNA/paternity sample collection.

Other schools offer each course separately, and differentiate between DOT and non-DOT (forensic) qualification. We provide the same extensive training whether you will be working in a DOT or non-DOT capacity, filling out the correct paperwork for your selected line of work.

Once you’ve completed the dual qualification under our program, many doors will be open to you! You can easily find employment as a medical technician in several different fields:

Occupational Health

  • Work in a doctor’s office that offers testing services
  • Work in a lab that does collections for workplace testing

Emergency Services

  • Work in an emergency room
  • Work on an emergency medical response unit

Our goal is to give you as many tools as possible, and that’s what makes our program stand out. Instead of splitting each qualification into a different course, we have created a single weekend-long training experience that leaves you fully qualified and extremely employable. Call us today to sign up for the next course!

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