Medical Assistant Enhance Your Career!

Attention Medical Assistant’s: Having trouble getting that Dream Job? Cleveland Medical Training has an opportunity to help enhance your marketability in the Medical Field. Become Nationally Certified now in Breath Alcohol Technician and Drug Screen Collector. Also, learn how to perform Urine/Rapid Drug Testing, Hair/Saliva and DNA Collection.

Who we are:

Advanced Medical Services is a locally owned and operated subsidiary operating in the Northeastern Ohio region. Collectively, we have over 24 years of experience in the field of drug and alcohol testing, including BAT, collection, paternity / DNA testing, substance abuse testing and employee screening. We now offer a school to train technicians in the field.

What we do:

Our parent company includes specialists in the field of occupational medicine, and we routinely perform the following:

  • Pre-placement physicals to determine if employees are medically and physically able to meet job requirements
  • Regulatory and compliance examinations to establish medical baselines for employees in according with DOT regulations
  • Fitness-for duty examinations for employees returning to work after medical leave or other prolonged absences
  • Drug and alcohol testing as required by independent companies, government agencies, and more

Why choose us?

  • Training courses to qualify breath alcohol technicians and collectors to perform the above tests
  • Certification for new trainers
  • Internships for highly qualified candidates. Ask about employment opportunities after graduation!

Friendly, Professional Staff

Our staff members are trained and qualified under federal and state guidelines and we are now offering our own training and qualification classes. AMS’ unique training program guides employers and employees in the right direction for long-term control and elimination of drug and alcohol abuse among employees, and is in compliance with presiding regulations.

Our two day course allows applicants to become qualified in both collection and BAT techniques, as opposed to taking several days to complete each separate course. We also offer internships for the top graduates in each class, to further assist qualified medical technicians in furthering their careers.