Drug Screen Collector

Collector Certification

Collector Certification

AMS has developed a specific course to comply with up-to-date DOT collector regulations. We offer this course in conjunction with BAT qualification for one low price in a single two day class.

Collector Certification Requirements:

According to DOT guidelines, all collectors must undergo basic knowledge and qualification training, plus proficiency training to become qualified collectors. This process includes:

  • Becoming knowledgeable about DOT agency regulations (49 CFR Part 40) and current DOT Urine Specimen Collection Procedure Guidelines
  • Taking a qualification course conducted by a certified trainer
  • Taking part in mock testing
  • Passing a monitored proficiency demonstration

Collector Course Overview

The course provided by AMS covers:

  • An introduction to and overview of the DOT regulations
  • Coverage of the history of drug and alcohol testing
  • Explanation of the benefits of drug and alcohol testing in the workplace
  • Test preparation
  • Instruction regarding how to overcome problems with collection procedures
  • Proficiency demonstrations
  • Eight hours of classroom training

Certification Standards

At the end of the Collector training course, each technician should be able to:

  • Explain minimum requirements necessary for performing collections, and describe the procedure for ensuring the integrity of the specimen collection process
  • Demonstrate how to obtain a urine specimen, follow the chain of custody, and record the information on the Custody and Control form
  • Show proficiency in proper urine specimen collection

Upon graduation, each technician receives a certificate of qualification. This is valid for five years from the date of course completion.